Our Business

VIEL & Cie has held a 40% stake in SwissLife Banque Privée since August 2007. The Group’s private banking activities continued to grow in 2022.

This interest is consolidated in the Group’s accounts using the equity method.

SwissLife Banque Privée and its subsidiary, SwissLife Gestion Privée, have four core businesses:

  • private banking services for direct clients;
  • retail banking in the bancassurance field, catering to private clients as well as professional clients of the SwissLife France group through its distribution networks;
  • retail banking for private clients of independent financial advisors partnering with the Bank;

custodian services for companies of the SwissLife France group, and depository services for Sicavs managed by SwissLife Asset Management (France) and its subsidiary, SwissLife Gestion Privée.

SwissLife Banque Privée had custodial assets of over €6.6 billion at the end of 2022.

This business segment posted net banking income of €88.4m and profit of close to €25m in 2022.