Quaterly Figures

Consolidated quarterly turnover

The consolidated accounts of VIEL & Cie Group are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Until 2013, companies over which the Group exercised joint control with other partners were consolidated using the proportionate consolidation method. VIEL & Cie’s equity holding in each of these jointly controlled entities was recognised on a line-by-line basis in the consolidated balance sheet and income statement. Following the Group’s adoption of IFRS 11 – Joint Arrangements from 1 January 2014, the proportionate consolidation method has been replaced by the equity method. This transition will affect almost all line items in the financial statements, notably by decreasing consolidated revenue and expenses, assets and liabilities, but will not impact the net profit for the period and shareholders’ equity. The presentation change also required the restatement of financial information for the previous financial year. However, the Group is retaining the proportionate consolidation method for consolidating these companies in its management reports (‘Non-IFRS’), since this allows a more precise assessment of the Group’s economic performance and key indicators. This presentation method is used in the publication of segment information, disclosed in the notes to the interim and annual accounts. In this context, the Group is reporting below its revenue on an IFRS and Non-IFRS basis

Consolidated key figures

*Based on weighted average number of shares outstanding. excluding treasury shares